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ISR Philadelphia Students in Action

NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, July 4, 2014

Featuring four ISR Philadelphia students: 8 month old Quinn, fully skilled in Rollback-to-Float in street clothing; Lukas, age 4, a graduate, and his sister Kylie, 18 months, finishing up her lessons; and Luca, 23 months, fully skilled and swimming in fall clothes. Click here for more ISR Philadelphia in the News.

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NBC Today Show with Jenna Wolfe in New York, June 26, 2014

"'Self-rescue' program teaches tots to survive in water." Featuring ISR Philadelphia students and parents sharing what they've learned. Click here for more ISR Philadelphia in the News.

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An ISR Philadelphia graduate, followed by ISR Splash Video, Parts 1-5

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Infant Swimming Resource can teach your little one to become an aquatic problem solver and an effective swimmer or floater in any depth of water. And statistics show that ISR students are less likely to fall in the water and their parents actually exercise more vigilance with their children around water than those who have not gone through the program.

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The sooner, the safer.


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