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How to Register

Ready to take the leap,

   make the commitment,

      and let your child learn

         aquatic survival skills?!

All students must have approval from Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) before lessons may begin. The registration process is the means by which this is done.

  1. Talk with Instructor.
    If you are interested in registering your child, please contact
    Barb Gorman at / (215) 593-7485,
    Amy Reardon at / (267) 625-5967, or
    Christine Stinson at / (610) 909-9862. Please include your phone number and a good time to reach you. We will discuss the program in more detail and go over schedule availability. Click here for lesson times and locations.

  2. Online National Registration and Fee.
    After you understand the program details, have determined you want to make the commitment for your child to take lessons, and there is a space for your child in the schedule, you can proceed with the ISR registration process. Your instructor will email you a link to the ISR registration console, a secure site where you register for lessons with this instructor. There is a $105 National Registration Fee per child which may be paid with credit card, PayPal, or check. After you submit your child's registration, Infant Swimming Resource reviews it. If there is anything they need to follow up with you about, they will contact you directly. If/when your child is approved for lessons, ISR will send you and your instructor a confirmation of acceptance of the registration stating that lessons may begin. They will then process your payment. Your instructor will confirm the registration by submitting a start date and lesson time. Approval typically takes between 48 hours and 1 week to complete.

  3. Initial lesson deposit and reservation of lesson time slot.
    To reserve the time slot we've discussed for your child, please mail a check for the first two weeks of lessons, payable to your instructor. Your instructor will give you the address to which you should send this.

Your instructor will provide you a registration packet that includes all the information you need regarding necessary swim attire, what to bring to lessons, foods to avoid, etc. Please review everything carefully in advance of the first lesson. You can also find this information on our website under Daily Lesson Requirements.

Each family receives the ISR Parent Resource Guide. This is a fabulous resource; please read it in preparation for the first lesson. It explains the many facets of ISR lessons and techniques, addresses FAQs and the role of parent, and provides vital information for practicing good family aquatic safety.

Thank you for choosing ISR lessons for your child - it is an exceptional program. Please feel free to contact us with questions or to check lesson time availability. We look forward to seeing you soon and teaching your little one ISR Self-Rescue™ skills!

Best regards,
Barbara Gorman
Certified ISR Instructor
Amy Reardon
Certified ISR Instructor
Christine Stinson
Certified ISR Instructor
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The sooner, the safer.


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