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ISR Philadelphia in the News

"It's amazing, how now she knows when she's swimming, she needs a breath, she flips over and floats, relaxes for a second, swims again and just keeps doing it," says Beth Kingeter as she watches her toddler daughter.

She adds, "Obviously it's our responsibility to watch her and keep an eye on her but you know, you never know, it's that quick second when they are out of your sight, and this gives you a little extra peace of mind."

- Swimming to Safety, CBS 3 News reports on ISR Philadelphia, May 26, 2008.

~ ~ ~

Dear Barbara...

I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for us over the past several months. You have taught Logan one of the most valuable skills in his life, and what you have given him is such a gift for life.

Thank you again for being so courageous in pursuing this career and bringing it to Pennsylvania....With your patience and skills with the children, I do believe you have chosen the perfect path to follow.

You're the best and THANK you.

- Bev & Logan W.

~ ~ ~

I can't even begin to tell you how everyone here is sooooo amazed with what you have taught Logan (and he's just eatin' it up). We're in Hilton Head (at a time share place) now and every one is from all over the country so they are not familiar with it. At least 8 families have asked me and can't believe it. First question is always, how old is he?

And you would be proud of him. He got the wall immediately. Had no problem. Still rather swim then float but he's practicing a lot. At the pool 3-6 hours a day. Your first little student is doing great. Thanks.

- Bev W.

~ ~ ~

I can't believe it, Sarah can swim! She can really really swim! I am so excited!

- Beth J.

~ ~ ~

...Over our Christmas vacation in Florida, Lauren was playing with some toys on the side of Allison's parents' pool. She reached for a toy that had drifted out into the water, and fell right in. We were sitting right there, but...Lauren quickly and easily swam to the side wall of the pool. She told me later, "I fell in, but I swimmed to side like Miss Barbara teached me."

Your lessons were a priceless investment; not only can Lauren swim and float like a champ, but she also respects the water. She knows that it is potentially dangerous if she's not careful.

- Mike, Allison and Lauren K.

~ ~ ~

ISR is one of the most extraordinary and rewarding experiences you can have with your infant or child. My wife and I saw the training video and were fascinated and hooked immediately. We were not disappointed.... It's tough to begin with. But the initial anxieties are soon erased and are worth every moment for the amazing results you see session by session with the ISR program as you and your child become more and more confident with the caring, professional and exemplary guidance Barb Gorman brings to this wonderful technique to teach your child to swim. Watch one child who has done this, and I guarantee you'll want this life-saving technique for yours too.

- Richard L., Philadelphia

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