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ISR Self-Rescue™ Lessons

Fort Washington, PA / Ambler, PA Location

Barbara Gorman
Hilton Garden Inn
530 Pennsylvania Avenue
Fort Washington, PA 19034
Spring 2017 March - June 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Maintenance Lessons* Ongoing Schedule with Instructor
Contact the instructor at for more information.

Newtown Square, PA Location

Amy Reardon
Suburban Swim Club
3615 Gradyville Rd.
Newtown Square, PA 19073
Spring 2017 TBD TBD
Maintenance Lessons* Ongoing Schedule with Instructor
Contact the instructor at for more information.

Mt. Laurel and Pennington, NJ / Blue Bell, PA Locations

Christine Stinson
The NJ Wahoos
Mt. Laurel, NJ ($125/wk)
Making Waves
Swim School

Pennington, NJ ($150/wk)
Normandy Farms Hotel
1401 Morris Road
Blue Bell, PA 19422
Lesson Availability 10:00 am - 1:00 pm 3:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Maintenance Lessons* Ongoing — Schedule with Instructor
Contact the instructor at for more information.

* Maintenance lessons are for skilled students only.

Because the program requires 5 consecutive days / week, weekend lessons are not possible. Evening lessons are not offered at these locations.

About Lessons

Students are taught one-on-one with a certified ISR instructor. Each lesson is individualized to the child's needs and abilities. Because consistency and repetition are necessary components of learning for infants and young children, ISR students attend lessons 5 times per week for approximately 10 minutes per day. Though the lesson length may seem short, most toddlers do not spend more that 10 minutes focused on any one activity. Research shows that this 10-minute window of learning provides the safest, most effective lesson possible for infants and young children.

Infants 6 Months - 1 Year: Rollback-to-Float Program

The Rollback-to-Float program teaches breath control, correct floating posture and the skills to attain a backfloat and remain floating for varied periods of time. All students eventually practice their skills wearing a regular diaper, clothing, and shoes because aquatic accidents can take place anywhere, anytime!

Children 1 - 6 Years Old: Swim-Float-Swim Program

A child at least one year old and walking is taught to swim with his face in the water and eyes open. He rolls over onto his back to rest and breathe. He then rotates back onto his stomach to continue swimming towards the edge of the pool and safety.

Click here to watch an ISR Philadelphia
student showing off ISR Self-Rescue™ skills.

After going through the ISR Self-Rescue™ program, your child will have an excellent swimming foundation. She will have learned good breath control, head and body posture, and swim movement. Students go on to use their skills for learning stroke work and rotary breathing. And because the little ones are competent, happy swimmers, families enjoy being in and around the water together.

Refresher Lessons

In subsequent seasons, it is recommended that students enroll in refresher lessons. Refresher instruction will sharpen and refine skills for each child, reacclimate her to skills learned when her body was smaller and in a different stage of development, and ready her for the current summer season. Between the ages of five and seven, students often move on to aquatic programs which teach side breathing and the traditional swimming strokes.

For daily lesson requirements, forms, and protocols please go to Parent Forms.

Number of Lessons to Complete Program

Each student attends an individual, 10-minute lesson daily Monday through Friday, averaging 6 weeks (approximately 30 consecutive lessons) to complete either the Rollback-to-Float or Swim-Float-Swim program. Daily consecutive attendance is critical to acquiring ISR Self-RescueTM skills.

Registration Fees & Lesson Costs

ISR National Registration Fee (new students / refreshers)  

 $105 / $35

Each Week of Lessons


5-Pack of Maintenance Lessons


The ISR program consists of one 10 minute lesson per day, 5 consecutive days a week. The weekly lesson fee is due each Friday for the following week. You are paying for a time slot for your child, and there is no credit given for student absence or cancellation. Credit for lessons cancelled by the instructor due to weather or other factors will be credited to the students for the following week's lessons.

How Do I Get Started?

Please contact the instructor at the location that is most convenient for questions about the program or to schedule lessons.

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